The TAMRON 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD (Model B008) is quite a controversial lens. I just had to get one to find out for myself what this lens is all about. Follow my blog as I use this lens on a daily basis and discover for yourself if this lens is indeed a diamond in the rough, or if it simply just another average, try to do it all, kit level lens.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drag Truck

Who would think you can add two humungous turbos to what appears too be a three cylinder engine and thus turn a truck into something you can race with?

Well, this truck sure has a lot of "bling" and that caught my eye. This shot was taken without a flash, since that would have flattened the image too much. As you would by now have noted from my past number of posts of other images taken on the same day, I again selected to use exposure bracketing to save the day.

This image is a combination of three shots taken in close succession all 2 stops apart. That allowed for some slight HDR to rescue the highlights and under exposed areas. I am very happy with the results.

So, to those on the Net who are of the opinion that the Tamron 18-270mm VC PZD is not a good lens, all I can say is that it is not the lens that makes the photo, but rather the photographer. My word of encouragement to you the reader is that good photography is something easily obtained with a little perseverance. Most cameras will do. But, the key is to get out, shoot a lot, and shoot varying subjects. Challenge yourself.

Canon 600D, Tamron 18-270mm f3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD. Focal length 18mm, Exposure 1/50sec at f8 +2/3EV, ISO 400, Focus auto, VC on, Flash none, Filter none.


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